Main configurations

VIN code 8AWDB42HXCA041281
Car's modification 2HBB33
Color code P8P8HV
Engine model CNEA
Engine number 1416
Transmission model NYS
Manufactured date 30012012
Country code X7Y
Model year 2012
PR codes of components A8C D49 G0K K4E UF1 U4A 0Y6 1D7 1SB 3RK 4UF 5K0 6N2 6U1 7AS 8TC 8Z4 R29 WH1 ZB1 ZR4 B1Q B68 C0S HR5 0VD 1EY 1HM 2KY 5AD 5BF 6GE 8AG 8RL C05 E0A F0A J1D L0L NY0 N0H QG0 QI3 QL3 QN3 QV0 TV4 V0A 0C0 0FX 0GG 0JB 0NB 0R0 0S2 0WL 0YB 1AJ 1CD 1G3 1MA 1PA 1S1 1T0 1X2 1Y0 1Z0 2B1 2G2 2JG 3B0 3D2 3HA 3Q1 3SB 3TB 3UH 4A0 4K3 4R1 4X0 5C0 5D1 5HB 5NE 5RQ 5SL 6A0 6B1 6CB 6FB 6NT 6XD 7B6 7L3 7M5 7QA 7Q0 7X0 8BB 8GU 8K0 8Q0 8T1 8WB 9AP 9JC 9M0 9NA 9P0 9Q1 9T0 9W0

PR configuration codes with decryption

Equipment levels A8C Comfort equipment
Engine specifications D49 4-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 2.0 l/132kW (4V)TDI, BIT common rail base engine is TV3/TV4/TG9
Transmission specifications G0K 6-speed manual transmission
Body style K4E Double cab
Electric interface for external use UF1 Electric interface for external use
Instrument inserts U4A Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
Climatic zones 0Y6 Tropical climatic zones/dusty regions
Trailer hitch 1D7 Trailer hitch preparation
Front underbody guard 1SB Additional front underbody guard
Rear gates/tailgate 3RK Tailgate/trunk lid (lockable)
Air bag 4UF Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
Paint preservative/transit coating 5K0 Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
Mud flap 6N2 Mud flaps front and rear
Additional dust seals 6U1 Additional dust seal outside
Anti-theft protection system 7AS Anti-theft alarm system, passenger compartment control, backup horn and towing protection
Rear fog light 8TC Rear fog light for driving on the right
Engine cooling system 8Z4 Moderate hot country
Component part sets with country-specific design requirements B1Q Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for Argentina, various parts
Type approval countries/countries with special requirements B68 Type approval Argentina
Wheels C0S Alloy wheels 8J x 17
Tires HR5 Tires 245/65 R17 111T (black)
Owner's manuals 0VD Information kit in Spanish
Identification plates 1EY Special identification plate with weight data, but without general operating permit (ROW)
Labels 1HM Labels for country group 12
Special labels/plates 2KY Labels/plates in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
Floor coverings in cab 5AD Carpet floor covering in cab
Floor coverings in passenger and load compartment 5BF Carpet floor covering in passenger compartment
Bolt-on kit 6GE Add-on kit wider wheel arch cover
Radios 8AG Radio with CD/MP3
Speaker installation 8RL 6 speakers (passive)
General operating permit, alterations C05 Operating permit, alteration
Special editions E0A No special edition
Vehicle specifications F0A No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
Batteries J1D Battery 380 A (72 Ah)
Steering system arrangement L0L Left-hand drive vehicle
Battery/alternator capacity NY0 Standard battery/alternator capacity
Seat covering N0H Fabric seat coverings
Service interval prolongation QG0 Without service interval prolongation
Service indicator QI3 Service indicator 10000 km or 1 year ( fix )
Pane type (except windshield) QL3 Heat-insulating glass (green)
Drawers under front seats QN3 Drawers under front seats
TV reception/digital radio reception QV0 W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
Base engine TV4 4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l Unit 03L.S
Tire suppliers V0A Tires w/o specification of tire brand
CO2 variant 0C0 Standard
Manufacturing sequence differentiation 0FX Pacheco manufacturing sequence
Emission standard 0GG Emission standard EU4
Weight category front axle 0JB Weight category front axle weight range 2
Nameplate set 0NB Nameplate set in base trim
Transmission power take-off 0R0 Without transmission power take-off
Drive-under protection 0S2 Rear bumper (with integrated step)
Gross vehicle weight rating 0WL Gross vehicle weight rating
Weight category rear axle 0YB Weight range 2 installation control only, no requirement forecast
Braking systems 1AJ Anti-spin regulation (ABS/ASR/EDL) with electronic differential lock (EDL)
Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components 1CD Vehicle class differentiation 2H0
Spare wheel/breakdown set 1G3 Alloy spare wheel with original equipment tires
Steering wheels 1MA Steering wheel
Lockable wheel bolts 1PA Standard wheel bolts
Tool kit and jack 1S1 Tool kit and jack
First aid kit / warning triangle 1T0 Without first aid kit and warning triangle
Drive layout 1X2 Rear wheel drive
Differential lock 1Y0 Without differential lock
Fuel quantity for initial filling 1Z0 Initial standard fuel filling
Exterior noise suppression measures 2B1 Additional exterior noise suppression
Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type 2G2 W/o insert for the filling up (diesel) without fluorination (not RME resistant)
Bumper 2JG Body-colored bumpers
Additional child seat anchors 3B0 Without additional child seat anchor
Center console 3D2 Center console
Leather parts scope 3HA Without leather parts scope
Rear headrests 3Q1 Rear headrests
Front seat, right 3SB Standard seat, front right
Front seat, left 3TB Standard seat, front left
Second row of seats 3UH 3-seater bench seat
Seat heater 4A0 Without seat heater
Door and lid locking system 4K3 Radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
Window regulator 4R1 Power windows
Side air bag 4X0 Without side air bag
Body measures 5C0 Without special body measures
Carrier frequency for radio remote control 5D1 Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
Pickup bodywork/cargo area 5HB Pickup platform frame with cargo area
Hood and trunk stay 5NE Without tailgate stay
Right exterior mirror 5RQ Right exterior mirror: convex
Left exterior mirror 5SL Left exterior mirror: aspherical
Fire extinguisher 6A0 Without fire extinguisher
Lashing rings/rails for load restraint 6B1 Lashing rings for load restraint
Rear heating system/ventilation system 6CB Rear heating duct
Components with special surface appearance 6FB Body-colored exterior mirror housings
Molding roof liner 6NT Molded headlining
Exterior mirror setting 6XD Exterior mirrors: electrically adjustable/heated
Socket 7B6 12-volt socket(s)
Start/stop system/regenerative braking 7L3 Without start/stop system without regenerative braking
Scuff plates 7M5 Without protective film for scuff plate
CD ROM/DVD/SD card 7QA Without CD/DVD for navigation
Navigation device 7Q0 Without navigation device
Park distance control 7X0 Without park distance control
Headlight 8BB Halogen headlight for driving on the right
Generators 8GU Alternator 140 A
Headlight activation 8K0 Without special headlight activation
Headlight-range adjustment 8Q0 Without headlight-range adjustment
Cruise control 8T1 Cruise control system (CCS)
Front fog light/additional headlight 8WB Front fog lights
Heating and air conditioning system 9AP Climatic air-conditioning system (semi-automatic)
Smoking/non-smoking package 9JC Smoking package
Auxiliary heating 9M0 Without auxiliary/parking heater
Tachograph/logbook 9NA Without tachograph
Seat belt check 9P0 Without seat belt reminder
Multi-function display/trip computer 9Q1 Multi-function display/on-board computer
Heated washer nozzles 9T0 Without heated washer nozzles
Telephone/telematics 9W0 W/o car phone preparation/installation