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Arabanın VIN-kodu 9BWCA05X35T020545
Araba modifikasyonu 5X1LM4
Araba rengi D8D8JR
Motor modeli AZN
Motor numarası 192839
Vites kutusunun modeli
Üretim tarihi 20082004
Üretimi yaptırtan ülkenin kodu X9G
Model yılı 2005
Araba donatımlarının PR kodları A8A G0C K8G MK7 T92 2JC PAQ WLT VH1 3AD 6XB 8GS 8M1 8N1 8P1 9AA B0A B00 C1U E0A F0F H2T J0A NA0 NB0 N0L QD6 QJ0 QQ4 Q1A U0A VQ9 VS0 V0A 0AA 0A1 0DX 0FR 0F2 0GJ 0H0 0KA 0L2 0NA 0P0 0RZ 0SH 0TA 0VJ 0YZ 0Y1 1AF 1BA 1B1 1EB 1F0 1KB 1LA 1MA 1NU 1N0 1SA 1S1 1T2 1WA 1Z0 2A0 2B0 2K0 2V0 2W1 2Y0 3C1 3D1 3L1 3ML 3NB 3QB 3Q0 3S0 3U1 3W0 3ZW 3Z0 4AH 4B4 4E0 4F0 4GF 4KC 4LA 4L2 4MA 4N2 4R0 4SC 4TB 4UA 4W0 4Z1 5A0 5EA 5J0 5K0 5N0 6A3 6EJ 6FA 6KA 6NA 6P0 6R3 6SF 6W0 7AA 7F2 7M5 8AA 8BU 8F0 8L0 8PB 8QA 8Q0 8RA 8R0 8SA 8S0 8TA 8V1 8WA 8Y0 8Z0 9BA 9E0 9GF 9HA 9JD 9LA 9PA 9P0 9Q0

Araba donatımlarının PR kodları ve açıklamaları

Equipment levels A8A Basic equipment with deleted option
Transmission specifications G0C 5-speed manual transmission
Body style K8G Hatchback
Engine specifications MK7 4-cyl. gasoline engine 1.0 L/48 kW E 22, with multi-point injection Base engine is T92/T97/TS0
Base engine T92 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.0 L Unit 030.T
Bumper 2JC Comfort bumpers
Central electric VH1 Central electric
Right exterior mirror 3AD Right exterior mirror: convex, adjustable from inside
Exterior mirror setting 6XB Exterior mirrors: adjustable from inside
Generators 8GS Generator 75 A
Rear window wiper and washer system 8M1 Rear window wiper and washer system with intermittent control
Windshield wiper intermittent control/ light/rain sensor 8N1 Windshield wiper intermittent control
Heated rear window 8P1 Heated rear window
Heating and air conditioning system 9AA Manually controlled heating system
Component part sets with country-specific design requirements B0A Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
Type approval countries/countries with special requirements B00 Country without type approval
Wheels C1U Steel wheels 5J x 13 offset 38
Special editions E0A No special edition
Vehicle specifications F0F Standard equipment
Tires H2T Tires 175/70 R13
Batteries J0A Battery 175 A (36 Ah)
Seat covers NA0 Without seat covers
Add-on parts for side panel trim NB0 Add-on part for side panel trim (LOW)
Seat covering N0L Fabric seat covering
Nameplates for sales name QD6 Nameplates for sales name
Chrome work package QJ0 Without aluminum/chrome work package
Light package (lighting) QQ4 With additional lights (interior lighting)
Front seats Q1A Standard front seats
Instrument inserts U0A Instrument insert, km/h speedometer only
Color of rotating emergency light VQ9 W/o rotating beacon/siren combination (color)
Rifle/pistol tray VS0 Without pistol holster compartment, rifle compartment and support rod
Tire suppliers V0A Tires w/o specification of tire brand
Front stabilizer 0AA Without front stabilizer
Doors 0A1 2 doors
Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components 0DX Vehicle class differentiation 5X0
Manufacturing sequence differentiation 0FR Taubate manufacturing sequence
Fuel systems 0F2 Fuel system for carburetor gasoline engine
Emission standard 0GJ Emission standard US 83
Label for axle load and gross vehicle weight rating 0H0 Without sticker for permissible front and rear axle loads and gross vehicle weight rating
Sticker (customized or special edition) 0KA Without stickers and badges
Throttle actuation 0L2 Electric throttle actuation
Nameplate set 0NA Without nameplate set (without model designation)
Exhaust tailpipe 0P0 Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
Ignition/starter switch locking system 0RZ Without ignition/starter switch locking system, without steering lock
Special labels/plates 0SH Labels/plates in Portuguese
Floor mats 0TA Without floor mats
Owner's manuals 0VJ Information kit in Portuguese
Weight category rear axle 0YZ Without determination of weight categoryfor rear axle
Climatic zones 0Y1 Standard climatic zones
Braking systems 1AF Power brake
Shock absorption/suspension, chassis 1BA Standard suspension/shock absorption
Spare wheel mounts 1B1 Standard spare wheel bracket
Identification plates 1EB Without identification plate
Towing eyes 1F0 Without towing eyes, front and rear
Brake type, rear 1KB Drum brakes, rear
Brake type, front 1LA Disc brakes, front
Steering wheels 1MA Steering wheel
Wheel covers 1NU Full wheel covers
Steering 1N0 Standard steering
Front underbody guard 1SA Without additional front underbody guard
Tool kit and jack 1S1 Tool kit and jack
First aid kit / warning triangle 1T2 Warning triangle
Transmission shafts 1WA Transmission shafts w/ 90 mm in diameter
Fuel quantity for initial filling 1Z0 Initial standard fuel filling
Delivery equipment 2A0 Without delivery equipment
Exterior noise suppression measures 2B0 Without additional exterior noise suppression
Bumper systems 2K0 Standard bumpers
Fresh air intake for passenger compartment (with particulate filter) 2V0 Fresh air intake without air cleaner
Fuel filler cap/door, locking option 2W1 Lockable fuel filler cap
Protection frame (roll bar) 2Y0 Without roll bar
Center rear seat belts 3C1 Static lap belt, center rear
Center console 3D1 Center console
Seat adjustment 3L1 Manual height adjustment for left front seat
Floor coverings 3ML Standard floor covering
Rear seats 3NB Rear seat bench/backrest, completely folding
Restraint systems, front 3QB 3-point seat belts, front
Rear headrests 3Q0 Without rear headrests
Roof rails/roof load rack 3S0 Without roof rails/roof load rack
Luggage compartment cover 3U1 Foldable trunk cover
Interior noise suppression measures 3W0 Without additional noise suppression measures for passenger compartment
Outer rear seat belts 3ZW Static 3-point seat belts, outer rear
Stowage box 3Z0 Without stowage box
Door and side trim panels 4AH Door and side trim panel
Protective side molding 4B4 Protective side molding
Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid 4E0 Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking from outside
Door and lid locking system 4F0 Mechanical locking system
Windshield glass type 4GF Windshield in heat-insulating glass
Side and rear windows 4KC Side and rear windows in heat-insulatingglass
Controls (steering wheels/steering column) 4LA Without controls
Breakaway interior mirror 4L2 Dipping breakaway interior rear view mirror
Hinged quarter window 4MA Without rear hinged quarter window
Dashboard 4N2 Standard dashboard
Window regulator 4R0 Mechanical window regulator
Left vanity mirror 4SC Left vanity mirror with cover
Right vanity mirror 4TB Vanity mirror right
Air bag 4UA Without air bag
Cassette and CD storage unit 4W0 Without cassette and CD storage unit
Glove compartment 4Z1 Standard glove compartment
Luggage compartment lining 5A0 Without trunk lining
Different vehicle equipment 5EA Without different vehicle equipment
Rear spoiler 5J0 Without rear spoiler
Paint preservative/transit coating 5K0 Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
Grab handles at roof frame 5N0 Without grab handles at roof frame
Fire extinguisher 6A3 Fire extinguisher, driver's seat
Additional body covers, side 6EJ Additional body cover on sill without wheel arch
Components with special surface appearance 6FA Components without special surface appearance
Radiator grille 6KA Radiator grille
Molding roof liner 6NA Unsplit molding roof liner
Rear license plate carrier 6P0 Without rear license plate carrier
Gearshift boot/cover 6R3 Rubber gearshift boot
Luggage compartment floor covering 6SF Standard trunk floor covering
Front license plate carrier 6W0 Without front license plate carrier
Anti-theft protection system 7AA Electronic vehicle immobilization device
Gearshift knob/handle 7F2 Wooden gearshift knob
Scuff plates 7M5 Without protective film for scuff plate
Radios 8AA Without radio
Headlight 8BU Halogen headlight for driving on the right
Side lights 8F0 Without side lights
Antennas 8L0 Without antenna
Ashtray light 8PB Ashtray light
Key for locking system 8QA Key without LED
Headlight-range adjustment 8Q0 Without headlight-range adjustment
Speaker installation 8RA Without speakers
Center high-mounted stop light 8R0 Without center high-mounted stop light
Taillight assemblies 8SA Taillight assemblies, standard design
Reading light 8S0 Without reading light
Rear fog light 8TA Without rear fog light
Cigarette lighter 8V1 Cigarette lighter
Front fog light/additional headlight 8WA Without front fog light
Horns 8Y0 Single-tone horn
Engine cooling system 8Z0 Standard engine cooling system
Electric safety package 9BA W/o additional electric safety package
Luggage compartment lighting 9E0 Without trunk lighting
Interior light in driver compartment 9GF Interior light with door pillar switch
Malfunction display 9HA Without additional malfunction display
Smoking/non-smoking package 9JD Smoking package, ashtray front
Sound combination for rotating emergencylight 9LA Without rotating emergency lights
Windshield wiper arms/blades 9PA Standard windshield wiper arms/blades
Seat belt check 9P0 Without seat belt reminder
Multi-function display/trip computer 9Q0 Without multi-function display/ on-board computer